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Lil Yachty TESLA Meaning And Review

Lil Yachty Review: "TESLA" - A Chaotic Burst of Trap Energy

Lil Yachty's "TESLA", a track featured on his "Something Ether" EP, is an audacious testament to both his confidence and his ongoing sonic exploration. With MitchGoneMad & WessGoneMad behind the boards, the track explodes with a raw, glitchy trap energy that pushes boundaries and revels in noisy experimentation.

TESLA Review

The production is a defining feature of "TESLA." Relentless bass, fractured beats, and dissonant synths create an unsettling yet captivating soundscape. Yachty's distorted high-pitched vocals cut through this industrial backdrop, adding an element of playful mania. His declaration, "We the new Beatles" amplifies the sense of disruptive ambition, suggesting he aims to shake up the musical status quo.

Lyrically, "TESLA" balances braggadocio, hints of darker undercurrents, and moments of unexpected humor. Yachty dismisses competitors, boasts about his wealth, and alludes to substance use amidst the chaos ("Geekin' and I'm jaded"). The muted, gasping sounds inject a quirky sonic break, potentially showcasing his willingness to inject silliness even in a fiercely experimental track.

"TESLA" is not for the faint of heart. Its abrasive sound and distorted energy demand a taste for the unconventional. However, for those seeking a refreshingly unpolished, and audaciously different side of Lil Yachty, it offers a wild ride. The track is proof of Yachty's continued desire to break from tradition and embrace a bold, uncompromising vision.

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Lil Yachty TESLA Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of "Tesla" by Lil Yachty revolves around themes of wealth, power dynamics, and a carefree lifestyle. In the song, Lil Yachty asserts his superiority over those who haven't achieved financial success, refusing to engage in petty arguments with them. He flaunts his wealth and indulges in a hedonistic lifestyle, demonstrating a disregard for societal norms and material possessions. The repeated reference to "throwing back" luxury items like Teslas symbolizes his nonchalant attitude towards wealth and status symbols.

Throughout the song, Lil Yachty exudes confidence and arrogance, dismissing those who don't meet his standards while reveling in his own success. He boasts about his ability to make money independently and live life on his terms, regardless of others' opinions. The lyrics also touch on the distinction between online bravado and real-life authenticity, suggesting that Lil Yachty sees through superficial displays of toughness.

"Tesla" portrays Lil Yachty as a figure of wealth and power, living a life of luxury and excess without apology. The song celebrates self-assurance, independence, and a willingness to defy societal expectations, while also acknowledging the complexities and contradictions of modern-day success and identity.

Lil Yachty TESLA Lyrics



[Verse 1]

I ain't goin’ back and forth with that nigga, he ain't even made no millions

He keep on droppin' the block, it’s a real reason

Back and forth, back and forth, 'til it ain't even

'Til it ain't easy, seek help, immediately

Go (Pssh, pssh), ooh, ooh, ooh (Pssh)

Gas him up and get him killed

My bitch spoiled like the milk

He get tough off a pill, he get peeled

Send that bitch home, actin' goofy, my cup spilled

Bitch, you for real? (Damn), 'kay

Bitch, we the new Beatles, shoot a film, Regal

In the air, eagle, I don't want it if it’s legal


Throw back this Tesla, throw back that mmm-mmm (Grr)

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm

Mmm-mmm (Grr), mmm-mmm


[Verse 2]

Yeah, I just wanna taste it

This lil’ bitch my ace

Dawgy sеrve it anywhere, еven army bases

Ain't gotta like me, they just gotta face it

Geekin’ and I'm jaded, ratchet bitch, I hate it (Geek)

Step, huh, geeked up, geeked, move

Keep the top down, made the opps frown

Switch sound like "Frr-frr" in the background (Hey)


Throw back this Tesla, throw back that mmm-mmm (Grr)

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm


[Verse 3]

I can't lie, girl, I'm high (Mmm)

Fuckin’ up a sack, put my wrist in the sky (Mmm)

Gangster on the net, in real life, that won't fly (Uh)

I can show you how to get them M's, DIY (Yeah)

Put her on the spot, no time to be shy

There he go, mmm, mmm

There he is, get that boy (Mmm)

Get that boy (Mmm), get that boy

Get that boy

Chill, chill


Throw back this Tesla, throw back that mmm-mmm (Grr)

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm

Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm (Go)



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