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Matt Champion Meetin You Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 24

A Sweet and Sincere Shift

"Meetin' You" closes out Matt Champion's "Mika's Laundry" with a sweet and sincere shift in tone.  Gone are the experimental edges and drum and bass flourishes.  This track embraces a mellow, laid-back R&B vibe that feels like sinking into a warm, familiar embrace. Champion's vocals, often rough around the edges, soften to a near-whisper. This intimacy and airy delivery create a space where it feels like he's confiding in the listener.

Minimalism and Vulnerability

The minimalist approach enhances the feeling of vulnerability and sincerity. It's a song that likely focuses on themes of appreciation, gratitude, and perhaps a gentle reflection on the beauty found in connection. The lyrics would undoubtedly play a key role in interpreting its meaning, whether focused on a romantic relationship or a moment of personal reflection.

A Calming Counterbalance

As an album closer, "Meetin' You"  acts as a calming counterbalance to the more varied sonic explorations of "Mika's Laundry." It suggests a sense of resolution, a settling of emotions, and perhaps signals Matt Champion's comfort in embracing a multitude of sounds and emotions within his solo work.

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Matt Champion Meetin’ You Lyrics Meaning 

The meaning of "Meeting' You" by Matt Champion is centered around the overwhelming power of love and devotion. The singer expresses the unique, irreplaceable space their partner fills in their life. They are so consumed by this love that they feel they need nothing else to be happy. This sense of all-consuming satisfaction is emphasized throughout the chorus, where the singer reiterates their unwavering contentment.

The lyrics also suggest a deep commitment and a willingness to stay devoted forever. However, there's a hint of a potential power imbalance within the relationship. Lines like "unless you ask nice" imply the singer expects a form of respect and reciprocity. This suggests that  if their needs aren't met and their love is taken for granted, the singer may withdraw their unwavering affection.

Overall, the song leaves room for different interpretations. It could express a healthy and fulfilling form of codependency. It might portray the idealization that occurs in the early stages of intense love.  Or, it could be a plea for balance within a relationship, a warning that such deep love could turn to resentment if the partner doesn't actively show appreciation and reciprocate these powerful feelings.

Matt Champion Meetin’ You Lyrics 



[Verse 1]

Caught your eye from the other side

I swear I could pick you out from a thousand miles, easy

Got a love like a lamb, I

'Cause with you I need nothing, I


I'll never need another thing

I'll never need another thing, uh, yeah

I'll never need another thing, yeah

I'll never need another thing

I'll never need another thing

[Verse 2]

Never know when it's the right time

I swear I could hear you howl for a thousand hours, easy

I love you until next life

I'll never need another thing, uh, yeah

No, I won't budge, not for nothin'

Unless you ask nice

Oh, you're done?

You had your fun

Unless you ask real nice

Coughing up a lung

Uh, that's your laugh right?

I won't scream out to you, unless you ask real nice

Uh, uh

Unless you ask nice

Unless you ask nice


I'll never need another thing, uh, uh-uh

I'll never need another thing, uh, yeah

I'll never need another thing

I'll never need another thing

I'll never need another thing


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