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Nai Harvest - Whatever Review

@NaiHarvest was a duo hailing from Sheffield formed by Ben Thompson and Lew Currie in 2011.

Whatever is an album released by them alongside @Dogknights & Pinky Swear Records.

This album can't be found on Apple Music or Spotify so you'll have to either access it on Bandcamp or Youtube.

Whatever starts off with the title track. Which is a fast-paced jovial sounding track, which has a really raw sound but with these beautiful guitar chord swells which Nai Harvest do so well. This track perfectly sets the tone to the rest of the album.

I'd say this title track is also a highlight on the album with the very memorable line "Being busy doesn't keep me happy, it keeps me sane".

Other highlights on this album I'd say, would have to be Twin Tweaks, a reference obviously to Twin Peaks. Washy would have to be another one opening up with a wholesome sample before moving into their noisy celebration.

Honestly, Nai Harvest was so sick back in the day, with various releases such as Hold Open My Head and Hairball. Here's hoping for a reunion one day because their sound only got better.

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