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Nothing But Thieves - What Did You Think When You Made Me Thsis Way - EP Review

Indie rockers @nothingbutthieves return with this brand new EP embodying some of their best work.

NBT kick things off with Forever & More which has this really tight fuzz tone to it not letting any feedback cut through which makes the attack on the guitar so sick, kind of reminding me of a Jack White esque tone. This is such a solid track featuring vocal work that shifts from a soft fast tone sounding like it's tip toeing to a lot more charged when the riffs in the chorus are calling for it.

Second track on this EP "Gods" is another track that is bursting with energy starting off with a nice acoustic intro before bringing in the bass which hums behind the vocals and the acoustic.

The third track on this is "You Know Me So Well" is much slower than the previous two but it keeps the pace of the project as a whole. Opening the track up with a punchy bass line and NBTs signature vocals, it makes for a good listen.

Final track is "Take This Lonely Heart" which is softer in tone compared to the rest of this EP until it charges up into an anthematic explosion, id say this is my favourite track of the EP it pushes Nothing But Thieves musically, maybe in a way that it's the most diverse I've ever heard them.

Have you checked out this EP? What did you guys think? As always show love to the artist.

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