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Pinegrove - Skylight - Album Review

Pinegrove released their third album "Skylight" last month on the 26th of September, this release completely flew off my radar until recently. Hearing the band had been on a year-long hiatus, it was easy to see why this release could've been missed without the momentum behind them. But even their last album Cardinal put Pinegrove on the map to be indie rock champions and for good reason. Great lyricism, stand out musicianship from all members.

Skylight is no different as a reflective and honest return for the band. Kicking off things with the track Rings setting the stage for the indie folk-rock tone, Pinegrove is known for. Evan Halls vocals calling out "I draw a line in my life".

Overall I'd say this album is a lot softer and somber in tone compared to the last and it keeps up that pace throughout the first couple of songs ( Portal, Intrepid, Paterson & Leo) until we get to track 5 which is Angelina which is a song they released on their 2015 album. Which is faster in pace and a lot noisier but Halls harmonious vocals still reign king.

The song Thanksgiving is a little interlude which flips back to the soft and somber nature before flipping back to the noisy crashing Easy Enough and the album keeps flipping in and out of these two tones throughout the rest.

This is a good record and I'd go show some love to the artist, after a year-long hiatus they return to form with this album and it's an enjoyable listen but I'd still say I hold Cardinal over this.

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