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Pixies Theres A Moon On Meaning and Review 

The Pixies Unleash Their Inner Werewolf with "There's A Moon On"

The Pixies have never been a band to shy away from the weird and wonderful, and the raucous "There's a Moon On" is no exception. A standout track from their 2022 album "Doggerel", this song marks a satisfyingly heavier direction while retaining the quirky charm that's made them alt-rock legends.

A Heavier Side of the Pixies

From the opening riffs, "There's a Moon On" grabs you with a primal energy that harks back to those classic Pixies anthems like "Monkey Gone to Heaven" and "Gouge Away." But there's a newfound maturity in the sound, a sense of seasoned musicians playing with power and precision.

Lunar Madness and Lyrical Brilliance

Black Francis's vocals are wonderfully unhinged, channeling a kind of full-moon madness. The lyrics hint at a strange transformation, a restlessness brought on by the lunar cycle. It's playful yet laced with an underlying darkness that the Pixies do so well.

Dynamic Tension and Release

The true brilliance of "There's a Moon On" lies in the dynamics. Those sudden breaks in the chorus that you mention create a fantastic sense of tension and release. The song builds and relents, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat.

The Pixies' Enduring Legacy

Overall,  "There's a Moon On"  is a testament to the Pixies' enduring power.  It's a track that will please longtime fans while demonstrating that these alt-rock pioneers can still surprise and delight.

More Gems from "Doggerel"

If you enjoyed this, check out these other tracks from "Doggerel":

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  • "The Lord Has Come Back Today" - Takes a surprising turn into dreamy, folksy territory.

  • "Dregs of the Wine" - Classic Black Francis lyrics and a menacing bassline.

Listen to There's A Moon On By The Pixies 

Pixies There's A Moon On Lyrics Meaning 

The meaning of Pixies' "There's A Moon On" can be found within the lyrics, which paint a picture of restless transformation and primal urges under the influence of the full moon. Black Francis's playful yet menacing vocals, coupled with the song's driving energy, hint at a deeper symbolism. Whether it's a literal exploration of the lunar cycle's effects, a metaphor for internal change, or a simply a celebration of the Pixies' trademark strangeness, the song invites the listener to delve into its lyrical depths.

Pixies Theres A Moon On Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Day after day seems about the same

Same old people playing same old games

But some days are different when the moon shines bright

There's a storm in your brain on a full moon night


Yeah, there's a moon on

There's a moon on

There's a moon on

There's a moon on

[Verse 2]

Don't like to fight, don't like to spit

Don't like a steak with no pepper on it

No, I don't like to spit and I don't like to fight

Don't wanna be alone on a full moon night


There's a moon on

There's a moon on

There's a moon on

Thеre's a moon on


Come on

[Verse 3]

I can make likе a dog, give my tail a shake

Make like a frog, go jump in a lake

Make like a cock, cock-a-doodle-do

Make like I'm gonna make love to you



There's a moon on

There's a moon

There's a moon on

There's a moon

Come on


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