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Restraining Order - Locked In Time: A Hardcore Odyssey Album Review

Locked In Time: A Hardcore Odyssey

"Locked In Time" marks the highly anticipated sophomore release from Restraining Order, a journey spanning 21 minutes through the realms of hardcore. The album opens with "Addicted (Reprise)," a dynamic track that blends twisted psychedelia and explosive bursts, setting the tone for what's to come. The production, under Will Hirst, showcases invigorating drumming, creating a strong foundation.

Restraining Order - Locked in Time Review

Throughout the album, Restraining Order balances nostalgic energy with intense, deliberate pacing. Tracks like "Left Unsaid" and "Inmates" channel a nineties melodic hardcore vibe, embracing the genre's bare-bones essence. The intensity is further unleashed in shorter tracks like "Should’ve Known" and "Misled," delivering impactful punches and deliberate tempo changes. Anthemic vibes permeate tracks like "Fight Back" and "Another Better Day," fostering a sense of camaraderie and uplifting energy.

The album takes interesting turns with melodic breaks and experimental elements in "On the Run," "Wouldn’t You Agree," and the title track "Locked In Time." These tracks introduce variations in sound, with experimental elements like acoustics and folk influences, providing a refreshing sonic landscape. The album concludes dynamically with "Breakout" and the lengthier exploration of "Painted World," offering a powerful and memorable conclusion. "Locked In Time" stands as a testament to Restraining Order's ability to navigate the hardcore soundscape, promising an authentic addition to the genre in 2023.

Listen to Locked In Time by Restraining Order here:


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