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Robotic Empire (Various Artists) - Nirvana Tribute Trilogy Review

@RoboticEmpire is an independent label running out of North-port, Washington since 1999.

This labels work is quite extensive but I want to focus on a trilogy of Nirvana tribute albums from them. "In Utero, In Tribute" "Whatever Nevermind" and my favourite "Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach"

This trilogy features covers from a diverse list of artists ranging from @basementuk@Ceremony@thursdayband@circasurvive@bandofnothing@toucheamore@defeaterband@beachslang & many more.

Robotic Empire and the many bands who've contributed to these albums breathe new life to these 20+ year old songs.

If you're a fan of shoegaze, hardcore, grunge or any high energy rock or even just a fan of Nirvana then these albums are definitely worth going into.

You can check out these albums for yourself on Robotic Empires Bandcamp


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