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Shackles Of Shame - On Tick: Track Review

Ones To Watch: Shackles Of Shame - On Tick

If there’s any band that’s on my watchlist this year it’s Shackles of Shame who released their debut single On Tick. Now Shackles Of Shame is a punk band from the sunny land of Wales and has come to wreak havoc usually dressed as priests.

Shackles Of Shame - On Tick Review

On Tick starts off with this distorted walking bass line that’s got this little kick. Really easy to start bopping your head to

it before the lyrics have even started. There’s a DIY charm to the track that sounds like a classic punk track I could put this side by side with a playlist of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers or The Ramones and you wouldn’t be able to tell when it was recorded. Completely working in their Shackles Of Shame's favour.

On Tick has this little stop before bringing in lead singer Cal Ellis. “The car you drive around your wife and kids, the drugs you sniff and the notes you sniff em with” before building up to the chorus of “Every single thing you’ve got is on tick” Love this line about being so in debt that your whole life is owed, / showcasing the danger of addiction. chaos. Following on from that we then see the band divulging into chaos with the group coming together to sing the chorus.

About a minute into the track, we get a crazy guitar solo which I can only imagine Shackles Of Shame going absolutely ballistic playing this live. Get this song in your playlist. It’s a fun punk track from a band that’s as energetic as they come.

Listen to Shackles Of Shame - On Tick


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