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Show Me The Body - Camp Orchestra Review

Recently checked out the track Camp Orchestra by @ShowMeTheBody, and this was my first time listening to this band so with a name like that I thought I’d be in for some bog standard metalcore tripe, but nah even after listening to the long intro of a walking bass and a very steel sounding guitar making you sound like you’re getting ready for a mission in Metal Gear Solid then divulges into a gritty knuckle-dragging punk track.⁣⁣


Let me just say that the transition between that clean intro to the fuzz is beyond sick, as this bassline submerges us into the full body of the track.⁣⁣


Looking up the meaning of this track, I found out that it was inspired by the bands trip to the Auschwitz camp. The words being spat by the vocalist “No work will set you free” is an interpolation and a spit in the face to the nazi slogan “achtung macht frei” that translates to “Work will set you free”.⁣⁣


If you’ve never heard of this band and love visceral punk energy then definitely give this a go.⁣⁣


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