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Super Natural Psycho - Alice Comes Around - Single Review

@supernaturalpsycho is a band that somehow always manages to fly under my radar whenever they release a project, which I always end up loving.

And how that's true with this song, I didn't even see this get released I was just listening to other songs and clicked on their profile and there it was. Alice Comes Around, a new track from this experimental band.

I first found this band via their EP Ways Of The Wave/Rose Stoned which I would highly recommend giving a listen.

Alice Comes Around messes with wah pedals and a classic rock tone from the 90s with these weird vocals that actually work so well for the vibe of the song.

Check this one out and let us know what you think. They also have a visual you can check out on youtube or on @noahclothing .

Behind The Scenes/ Move On


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