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The Dark Side Of The Spectrum | Shoegaze And Punk Playlist

21 Songs to end 2021. This playlists focuses on the darker sides of isolation and moving past it. Amazing artists and bands in here. Some quite well known and some new projects I love.

Tracklist ⁣:

@bandofnothing - Say Less⁣

@ceremony - Pressaging The End ⁣

@mannequinpussy - Pigs Is Pigs⁣

@creativeadult - Reality Tunnel ⁣

@_pictureplane_ - Pit Viper⁣

@total.rubbish - Someone Else's Dream⁣

@highvisuk - The Bastard Inside ⁣

@johnny.dynamite - Triflin Kids ⁣

@thedeathoflovers - Orphans Of The Smog⁣

@worshipmascara - Reach⁣

@superheavenband - Life In A Jar ⁣

@spiceispain - Black Car⁣

@gummotheband - Happy⁣

@teenagewrist t - Earth Is A Blackhole⁣

@kngwmn - I Wanna Be Adored ⁣

@drabmajesty - The Foyer ⁣

Let me know what you think of this playlist and the artwork and any artists you think would suit being in a playlist like this!⁣


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