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Webbed Wing - Grew A Tail

@Webbed_wing is the solo project of @taylormadison13 most known from his work in @Superheavenband.

I love this fucking song. It has this sick fuzz tone on the guitars playing over a sample of someone talking and then it goes into the full mix mastery bringing Taylors vocals which sound like a distored car speaker which sinks nicely into the fuzz.

Showcasing Taylors guitar talent layering a melodic solo ontop of the guitar styling the rhytmic fuzz.

My highlight from this track near the end around the 2:17 mark, where everything slows down and theres this menacing bassline with this feedback coming through letting you know something big is coming and then the outro is amazing instrumental with so many dynamics going on.

Please don't skip this and check this one out for yourself.

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