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Wild Side - The Get Back

🔥 The Get Back is a blistering track from harcore band Wild Side 🔥 off of their album Who The Hell Is WIldside.

Opening up with a this really nice distorted sliding on the guitar, bringing in these vocals that call back to the Youth Of Today/ Gorilla Biscuits era of hardcore.

The song itself has a positive PMA message about getting better “It’s going to take a little work to get back to what I’m trying to be” and lyrics such as “It’s my time to shut the skeptics up” that are promoting self-worth and development.

This band has really blown me away with this album being able to capture the essence of the old sounds of hardcore but being able to modernise it with gusto playing. What really stands out for Wild Side is their technique and instrumentals, I love the tone and riffs in a minute in start to go crazy and towards the outro of the song there’s an insane solo.

All in all you should be checking out 👀 Who The Hell Is Wildside and especially this song because it gets me gassed after every listen!


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