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XL Life - World Keeps Spinning Review

Keeping on from the positive energy from last night I want to start my morning off with some more PMA. I think it’s about time I talk about @xllifeworldwide here.⁣

From the get I can tell you this band is gas, and absolute masters of their craft. The punk mc @lopezdupre get’s back on some aggressive heat after some mellow reflections on his solo projects he comes back with this amazing hardcore band.⁣

If you were expecting an Astroid Boys sound with this then don’t. Same positive vibes though, same messaging but in the same vein as some Bad Brains.⁣

Props to everyone in this band and whoever produced this because the mix is perfect and every instrument is heard clearly.⁣

Proper get’s that PMA going and I need to talk more about these guys in a bigger post to come definitely but I can’t wait for whatever comes next for these guys.⁣

Get yourselves onto this one! ⁣


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