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2Pac - Me Against The World

For a lot of people “Me Against The World” captures 2Pac at his best: no dissing, no braggarts, less gangster style music and fewer features etc.

Every track on the album has something to offer. He shows his poetic influences with the alliteration on “If I Die 2Nite” and you have the darker/paranoid tracks in “So Many Tears”, “Me Against The World” and “Death Around the Corner”. 2Pac gives us smooth tracks with “Temptations” and “Can U Get Away”.

The cali rapper also created a heartfelt message to his mother, Afeni Shakur, on “Dear Mama”. There are also plenty of messages in the album too; for instance, the dangers of gang life⁠

Overall, this album is the definition of a masterpiece and it’s some of 2Pac’s best work. The ‘gangster’ persona was starting to be actualized but it wasn’t necessarily center stage. It moves away from the more politically style on his first two albums and takes a more deeper/storytelling approach but still shows glimpses of his political/activism side.

His focus shifted towards writing more reflective, thought-conscious and at times desperate/painful lyrics. He displayed a lot of emotion on the album and you can really feel it behind his voice on the tracks.⁠


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