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Amine - Pressure In My Palms Review

Updated: May 25, 2023

Pressure In My Palms is a driven track by @Amine that presents itself in its electronic intro where we hear a driving sub bass, giving the song a constant low hum oscillating between some great work of chopped and spliced samples that gives the track its name.⁣

These samples get put to work in such a creative way, accenting parts of the song. Amine, @Slowthai and @VinceStaples all step onto this project with so much gusto and confidence, making it easier for them to have some fun in this track and use stunts such as filling in a line with a burp, not finishing their sentence for dramatic effect and lapsing into each other’s verses.⁣

The song ends with quite a powerful sample at the end, warning us that having hate in our hearts is a broke ass movement. This track is amazing and if you’ve not checked out Amines album Limbo then please do yourself a favour and get on that release straight away.⁣

For the artwork I used some cybercover assets from @albumartarchive and the digital glow effect that helped this come together. And the display font is Khroma by @Sergiovdsgn

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