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Angel Du$t - Pretty Buff

@angeldustmoney are a band that has defied being put into a box, consistently. Whilst their last project Rock The Fuck On Forever, could be seen as Angel Du$t taking a gentle step away from their hardcore roots.

Pretty Buff was more of a somersault backflip into a pool of catchy rock tunes that’ll make you sing and whistle all day.

This album is fun to say the least, you get vibes of a classic rock album being formed right from track 1, No Fair, which repeats “ I don’t think it’s fair” with the vocalist sustaining his voice on this, actually singing. The instrumentals in the album are a lot less distorted and in some cases are just using acoustic and clean sounds. Which actually suits the fun, bouncy tone of the album.

My favourite track on this is “Want It All” I love how it builds up on this, it’s light, and the chorus grabs your attention, flows easy from the verse, the rhythmic style, this track rules.

This album is sick in general, fast, catchy, groovy, right playing by everyone. I love to see bands experiment even if it feels weird at first you have to appreciate it when someone steps out of there comfort zone and the end result was sick.

Favourite tracks on this are: Want It All, Bang My Drum, Biggest Girl, No Fair and push. Definitely give this album a listen. (bonus if you listen to this on Spotify you get to see dog videos) 🔥


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