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Angel Dust - Toxic Boombox Review

The loud and raucous track Toxic Boombox was one of @angeldustmoney’s first singles from one of my all time favourite classic records Rock The Fuck On Forever. The album recently turned 5 years old which is absolutely crazy to me as it feels like it’s only two years old. In commemoration of this being 5 years old I wanted to shine a light on how sick this track is. ⁣

The boombastic track opens up with a grating vocal delivery with blast beat drums in the background. This track is so rhythm heavy and has a great groove to it, something which needs to be said about the strengths of Angel Dust. No matter what they do, whether heavier or a little bit softer, their tracks are always going to get you moving. ⁣

The jittering riff in this is pretty interesting, having the attack down a little bit on the guitars are creating this jagged hardcore tone. About a minute into the track there’s a sick breakdown bit which culminates to some crazy effects such as phasers, double repeating delays and some sick shredding to playing around with feedback.⁣

Toxic Boombox made a great opener for a great record. If you’ve not checked this or Rock The Fuck On Forever then you’re missing out. ⁣


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