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Best Punk EP Of 2018 [ Spiritual Cramp Police State ]

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

@spiritualcramptv is a band that should have your attention.

The noisy San Fransisco post-punk band which has Michael Bingham from post-hardcore outfits such as Creative Adult and Self Defense Family & also members from Profile and Primal Rite The six band unit show off their talents by crafting racing energetic beats that sound very 80's inspired delving into elements of dub and reggae rock sounding like it could be a moodier version of what The Clash was going for on their Sandinista record especially with (850 Bryant).

Spiritual Cramp have their own sound and it's weird, but it works so well, bringing all these inspirations together. Starting the 4 track EP off is their self-titled song Spiritual Cramp gets to the point straight away, solid drums, Bingham's harsh vocals over dancy rhythms, shouting "I've got Spiritual Cramp" The second track is a celebration of the dub era of punk (850 Bryant) opens with a sample of a news broadcast about an unarmed man getting shot. with guitars ringing coupled with light drums capturing that dub sound. 850 Bryant is a protest song of sorts aimed at the police, This is echoed in Binghams lyrics "I'd rather wear black than blue" and in the chorus "come in hot for the wild and free. Burning bridges nothing new to me. Douse the foundation in gasoline. 850 Bryant goes up in flame." talking about burning down the 850 Bryant police department. The Third track on this four-track EP is (I Feel Bad Bein' Me) which is a ride through of an anxiety trip shrouded in paranoia. Excitable in execution this tracks narrative has Bingham questioning his thoughts. "I want to come on as an earthquake, instead I come on like a headache" stresses this burden.Track 4 (Blood Clot) is another favourite of mine. The track is a fun, well structured and well paced. Starting out the track is a sample of revving engines building that suspense and that speed, as a thumping bass line comes in and Bingham's vocals bring in lyrics of paranoia and fear " I can't sleep cause my ears are always ringing from the sirens and the sounds of gunshots." and a theme of not having a grip on reality "my mind wanders in and out"


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