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Bleachers Isimo Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 19

Bleachers' "Isimo": A Haunting Ode to Complex Love

Bleachers' "Isimo" is a captivating departure from the band's usual upbeat sound, revealing a more vulnerable and introspective side. This slow-burning ballad explores the complexities of love and connection with a melancholic beauty that lingers.

The song's title, "Isimo," remains a captivating mystery. This ambiguity adds another intriguing dimension, reflecting the tangled emotions expressed within the lyrics.

Intimate Soundscape and Poignant Lyrics

Minimalist percussion and soft keyboards establish an intimate setting for Jack Antonoff's vocals. His lyrics depict a love both unwavering and quietly challenging. Phrases like "Jesus saves and Bubba scores" and "Born to bleed" suggest a dynamic filled with highs and lows, while references to a mourned childhood hint at nostalgia and perhaps regret.

Interpreting "Isimo" by Bleachers

Whether "Isimo" represents a romantic love, an unbreakable bond with a person or place, or something else entirely, its emotional depth resonates.  Within the 'Bleachers' album, the song provides a poignant moment of reflection, reminding us of the complexities that exist even within life's most joyous moments.

"Isimo" is a captivating addition to the Bleachers catalog. It showcases the band's ability to express raw and powerful emotions with a mesmerizing subtlety.

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Bleachers Isimo Lyrics Meaning 

The meaning of "Isimo" by Bleachers is deeply rooted in resilience, overcoming the weight of expectations, and the complex power of love. The song chronicles the struggle of someone told  they were "born to bleed," a metaphor for hardship and limitation. Yet, at its heart, "Isimo" is a triumphal anthem celebrating the strength to break free and "make it out" despite these imposed burdens.

The lyrics paint a picture of a protagonist burdened by a "magnet heart and sentimental boulder." This suggests a person with great empathy, perhaps taking on the emotional weight of others. The bridge reveals the singer's deep connection to this quality, promising to follow them "down" into any struggle. There's an underlying question of whether their love is another weight to carry, or the very force enabling them to break out of their prescribed roles.

The mysterious word "Isimo" remains the song's enigma. It could represent the person the song is addressed to, a place of both pain and potential, or a mantra symbolizing the struggle against expectations. Ultimately, "Isimo" is a powerful anthem for anyone who's carried the weight of the past or felt confined by others' limitations. It's a celebration of the ability to create your own path, a testament to both individual strength and the profound impact of shared burdens within relationships.

Bleachers Isimo Lyrics 

[Verse 1]

Jesus saves and Bubba scores

A childhood you'll always mourn

You found your things out on the floor now

And you believed in every maybe

"Sha-la-la", it drove you crazy

Tough as nails and built for breaking


But you were just a kid when they told you

You'd been born to bleed, little soldier

With your garden heart and sentimental boulder

Oh, it pulled you down

Look at you, you made it out

[Verse 2]

Now it's time to go it's time to chase it

Break the locks out of the Basement

Rearview mirror to the faithless

And you believed in every maybe

"Sha-la-la", I love you, baby

Told them all you were good at breaking


But you were just a kid when they told you

You'd been born to bleed, little soldier

With your magnet heart and sentimental boulder

Oh, it pulled you down

But look at you, you made it out


Yeah you're just like the rain

Carrying everyone's shame

But you move just like a river

No, you don't wear an inch of it, babe

I'd follow you down, down, down, down, down to the water

Way down to any kind of chance

To a stone in a creek

'Til you're out of the blue

Honey, I can see it too


'Cause I was just a kid when they showed me

This great big weight that would come and pull me

Like your magnet heart and sentimental boulder

I carry it with you, throw it on my shoulders

You're the one way out

And I'm your dark horse clown

Isimo, look at you, you made it out

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