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Boygenius Cool About It Meaning

Cool About It by Boygenius showcases the songwriting talents of emo-indie icons Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. With each singer claiming a verse, the song offers a poignant mosaic of perspectives. 

Cool About It's semi-folk, country-infused arrangements feature a gently plucked guitar—a backdrop that complements the lyrics' stark emotion. This stripped-back approach lends the song a haunting quality, beautifully framing the singers' voices as they explore themes of loss and the struggle to maintain composure in the face of regret.

What’s The Story of Boygenius Cool About It?

The individual verses form a triptych of relatable moments; each artist paints a scene where the veneer of "being cool" barely masks deep emotion.  Whether it's forced indifference amidst change or feigned nonchalance while masking lingering feelings, the singers capture a universal sentiment. The vulnerability laid bare by each voice counterpoints the seemingly casual title, emphasizing the gulf between our projected selves and our internal turmoil.

There's a compelling tension in "Cool About It": the delicate instrumentation underscores the singers' quiet power. This sense of restraint makes the moments when emotions break through even more impactful. The harmonies, subtly layered throughout, lend the track a touch of sweetness that subtly counterbalances the melancholy. This bittersweet blend heightens the song's emotional resonance.

Boygenius Cool About It Review

Cool About It is a masterful collaboration that allows each songwriter to shine. It offers a nuanced exploration of the often messy interplay between outward composure and inner longing. As they trade verses, Bridgers, Dacus, and Baker prove, once again, why they are such revered voices within the indie music landscape.

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Boygenius Cool About It Lyrics Meaning

Cool About It by Boygenius and it’s meaning unveils a complicated connection defined by hidden attractions, past pain, and an underlying power imbalance. The singers long for an open and honest resolution but constantly mask their true feelings. Metaphors like "trying to be cool" and "took your medication" reveal attempts to manage painful emotions and understand one another. Despite a stated desire for "no regrets," there's an unspoken "test" one person can't pass, hinting at unresolved issues fueling the dynamic.

Deep down, both people understand the attraction but can't voice it. The chorus highlights this with lines like "wishing it away" and "knowing it isn't true," illustrating an inner struggle between their desires and the knowledge that this connection may be unhealthy. It's a fight against themselves more than with each other.

Boygenius Cool About It Meaning

Cool about it offers several potential interpretations. It could speak to old lovers trapped in a damaging cycle, a forbidden yearning for someone unavailable, or an internal battle between unhealthy attachment and the need for self-love. The core theme remains an unspoken longing filled with lingering regrets, where past actions and unspoken expectations prevent real resolution or the freedom to fully move on.

Boygenius Cool About It Lyrics 

[Verse 1: Baker]

Met you at the dive bar to go shoot some pool

And make fun of the cowboys with the neck tattoos

Ask you easy questions about work and school

[Chorus: Baker]

I'm trying to be cool about it

Feelin' like an absolute fool about it

Wishin' you were kind enough to be cruel about it

Tellin' myself I can always do without it

Knowing that it probably isn't true

[Verse 2: Dacus, All Boygenius]

I came prepared for absolution, if you'd only ask

So I take some offense when you say, "No regrets"

I remember it's impossible to pass your test

[Chorus: All, Dacus]

But I'm trying to forget about it

Feelin' like I'm breaking a sweat about it

Wishin' you would kindly get out of my head about it

Tеllin' myself, one day, I'll forget about it

Knowing that it probably isn't truе

[Verse 3: Bridgers, All Boygenius]

Once, I took your medication to know what it's like

And now I have to act like I can't read your mind

I ask you how you're doing and I let you lie

[Chorus: All Boygenius]

But we don't have to talk about it

I can walk you home and practice method acting

I'll pretend bein' with you doesn't feel like drowning

Tellin' you it's nice to see how good you're doing

Even though we know it isn't true


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