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Cayetana - Age Of Consent (New Order Cover) Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

In the recent news of the amazingly talented Cayetana are sadly breaking up/taking a hiatus, and that sparked memories of how sick their cover of New Order - Age Of Consent actually was. This is one of those ”the cover is better” situations honestly.

This comes from their 2016 EP Tired Eyes, which as always I recommend you listen to.

Cayetanas ability to capture the tone of the original and breathe new life into it is a credit. The bass in this version sounds so so so much better in my opinion.

It feels like it has much more breath, giving the track some extra oomph. Honestly, I just love this track and the way Cayetana have pulled this one off makes me love it even more!

Check out @CayetanaPhilly and their amazing music. I would personally recommend any of their Albums/Eps. One of my personal favourites is a track called Dust off their album New Kind Of Normal, definitely worth checking out!

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