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Citizen - Bash Out | Track Review + Design

@citizentheband have returned with a brand new track after their last album Life In Your Glass World did such a good job exploring a lighter side to Citizen (with the dark themes we have come to love). This latest track Bash Out is following suit from their most recent works.⁣

The track starts off with a steady beat and a clean guitar riff, the bass then follows which makes this little riff sound catchy as hell. Talking about being catchy, Mat Kerekes on vocals is only getting better every time I hear him sing. The band has definitely grown from their old days of just being an emo band. The technical side of them get's shown off with a sick guitar solo about two minutes in, scaling up and down, a weird effect attached on it which makes it sound like it's coming out of a Wurlitzer.⁣

This song has just got a positive vibe to it, it's an anthem to leaving toxic people behind I'm a big fan of the Lyrics to Bash Out by Citizen " If I never come around, if you don't see me for a while, Just know I ain't coming home, Just know I ain't coming home" being angsty as hell.⁣

Citizen are an amazing band and they released a video to this track which is just as good. Listen to this when you get the chance and add it your playlists.⁣


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