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Citizen - Cement - Track Review

Cement is the first track off of @citizentheband 's 2015 album Everybody Is Going To Heaven. It works so well for an opener as it really pushes what tones are coming from the record.⁣⁣

Kicking off with a fuzzed out, fat bass line following the drums , synchronised together to create tension right off the batt. This section is slow and muddy and pays off. Before bringing in the guitar which is playing single notes as they move getting faster. Giving the song an overall anxious vibe.⁣⁣

The song evolves into a bashful chorus of "Meet me by the lake⁣⁣

I'm ripe with severed faith" violently being sang out, contrasting between the vocals of the verse.⁣⁣

If you haven't checked out Everybody Is Going To Heaven then you're missing out as it was one of my favourite records of 2015.⁣⁣

Behind the scenes/ Move on⁣⁣


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