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Code Orange - Grooming My Replacement / The Game Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Code Orange has released the album these singles. Take a look at our review of Code Orange - The Above.

Code Orange, formerly known as Code Orange Kids, has recently graced us with two new tracks that exemplify their intense blend of hardcore and metalcore. This boundary-pushing band has been making waves in the underground scene for years, captivating listeners with their ferocious energy and innovative approach to heavy music.

The Evolution of Code Orange:

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Code Orange initially formed in 2008 under the name Code Orange Kids. The band quickly gained attention with their raw and aggressive sound, characterized by a unique fusion of hardcore punk and metallic hardcore elements. Over the years, Code Orange's sonic palette has expanded, incorporating elements from genres like sludge metal, industrial, and even hints of experimental noise. This evolution has allowed them to carve out a distinct niche within the heavy music scene.

Listen to Code Orange Grooming My Replacement / The Game

Listen to Code Orange Grooming My Replacement

Code Orange Grooming My Replacement Lyrics

Listen to Code Orange The Game

Code Orange - The Game Lyrics

Code Orange Discography and Releases:

Code Orange's discography showcases their growth as musicians and their willingness to push boundaries leading up to Grooming My Replacement / The Game. Here are some of their notable albums and releases:

Love Is Love/Return to Dust (2012):

This debut full-length album captures the band's early aggressive sound, combining raw intensity with moments of emotional vulnerability.

I Am King (2014):

Considered a breakthrough album for Code Orange, I Am King exhibits a more refined approach to their unique style, blending dark atmospheres with crushing riffs and unpredictable song structures.

Forever (2017):

This critically acclaimed album marked a significant shift for the band. With a more pronounced industrial influence and experimental songwriting, Forever solidified Code Orange's status as a boundary-pushing force in heavy music.

Underneath (2020):

Their latest full-length release, Underneath, showcases the band's most ambitious and daring work yet. It combines aggressive vocals, crushing riffs, and electronic elements to create a sonically rich and emotionally charged experience.

Code Orange Members

Code Orange consists of a talented group of musicians, each contributing to the band's distinctive sound and live performances. The current lineup includes:

  1. Eric "Shade" Balderose: Guitar, backing vocals

  2. Reba Meyers: Guitar, vocals

  3. Jami Morgan: Drums, vocals

  4. Joe Goldman: Bass

  5. Dominic Landolina: Guitar, keyboards

Unforgettable Code Orange Tours:

Code Orange's live performances are known for their raw energy and captivating stage presence. They have shared the stage with notable acts such as Slipknot, System of a Down, and Deftones. Some of their most memorable tours include:

  1. "Forever Tour" (2017): This headlining tour showcased the band's album Forever and solidified their reputation as an unrelenting live force.

  2. "The New Reality Tour" with Slipknot (2019): Code Orange joined Slipknot for a series of high-profile shows, further establishing themselves as a band to watch.

  3. "Underneath Tour" (2020): In support of their latest album, Code Orange embarked on a tour that was unfortunately cut short due to the global pandemic. However, the shows that did take place left a lasting impact on audiences.


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