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Code Orange - The Mud Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

For anyone who doesn't know @codeorangetoth then you're missing out. These are a Grammy-nominated post-hardcore band. The released an insane album in 2017 which was titled Forever. This album really pushed the sound, probably the most dynamic release they've put out.

The Mud is from Forever and fuck me this is such an intense track. Opening up with a pulsating synth before shortly transforming with a very doom sounding bassline, overdriven and grinding with the drums. All of which is suspenseful as hell, like Code Orange nailed pacing on this as it always feels like the track is building up to something.

That something so happens to be the crazy breakdown, in the end, the song splits itself up in three different part using that pulsating synth I talked about earlier. This is such a sick record, id highly recommend checking this one out!

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