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Unleashing the Power of Darkness: Danny Brown's 'Dark Sword Angel

Danny Brown - Dark Sword Angel

From Danny Browns latest sonic offering Quaranta, we see this track. Dark Sword Angel and it seems as though Danny Brown’s levelled up. He’s always come off with a shed tonne of gusto and confidence but this man is swinging in terms of lyricism and production.

On the production side, we see phased keys behind a droning bassline that’s behind the track with this sliding synths that come into play. Almost industrial in its suspenseful tone. Danny Brown delivers this track in such a confident way in terms of lyrics its exploring themes of self-confidence/success against all the odds.

Definitely add this one to your rotation. List to Danny Brown - Dark Sword Angel below:

Danny Brown - Dark Sword Angel Lyrics

[Verse 1]


We doin' this even without a record deal

Half the shit I say can't be understood by executives

I'm from that crack rock

Pawn your grandma wedding ring

So what the fuck they gon' tell me 'bout anything

Strap up, nigga, get yo boots on tight

I'm from back when Snoop called Luke a 'Frisco dyke

Made moves and went left, and you went right

Niggas wanna be hot 'til they souls on ice

Long as I got the rent, you can't tell me shit

You ain't got it, put you out like Hannibal Buress

Got it all fucked up thinking I won't flourish

'Fore my family sitting starved, you be all malnourished

[Verse 2]

My raps like Tetris

Bars keep fallin', gotta know whеre to place 'em

Smokе with Dave Chappelle, the nigga think I laced him

Knew it was the pack

He started talkin' 'bout spaceships

I write like, it's the only thing I'm good at

Took yo' bitch shopping, it was nothin' to that

Nah, I ain't gon' say that, nah, I ain't gon' do that

But the bitch you with, blew my muffin top blue back

Sit with thoughts like a toad on a stone

Try to put my finger in her like a rotary phone

If I take her for a spin, she would never call home

Put her hand behind her own head like Karl Malone

[Verse 3]

I'm totally fuckin' awesome

Step to the side like Iverson crossed Jordan

Gimme my portion or end wit' extortion

Might stab a nigga if you come between my crawfish

Put the squeeze on you like a corset, not in my final form yet

So watch me metamorphis'

Spittin' on porches, rappin' for a mortgage

For a bowl of porridge I put you into orbit

My nigga did a bid, just got home with a rack

Last time he heard me spittin', he had a Nautica jacket

But he still packin'

God gave him a hat trick

When his ass got out, LeBron suddenly on the Mavericks

I was gon' stop ya, but when I heard this beat I started countin' up my car fare

The way I get product' and beats this good this shit is not fair

Sorta make you think but this ain't like a high chair

Ya kids gotta eat, just a bought a drill from Sears and some patio seats (Ha!)

Ya kids gotta eat, just a bought a drill from Sears and some patio seats (Haha)


Ya kids gotta eat (Ya kids gotta eat)

Ya kids gotta eat

And some patio seats

Danny Brown Dark Sword Angel Analysis

Lyrical Content:

  • The lyrics cover a range of topics, from Danny Brown's background and experiences to his unique style and success in the music industry.

  • He reflects on his roots, mentioning crack rock, pawned wedding rings, and the struggles he faced growing up.

  • There's a sense of defiance and confidence in his lyrics, asserting his independence and success even without a record deal.

  • The Tetris metaphor in the second verse adds a layer of complexity, suggesting the precision and skill required in crafting his rhymes.

  • He also includes references to pop culture, like smoking with Dave Chappelle and mentioning Snoop's past comments about Luke.

Imagery and Metaphors:

  • Danny Brown uses vivid imagery and metaphors to convey his thoughts. Examples include the Tetris metaphor, the reference to Hannibal Buress putting people out if they can't pay rent, and the comparison of thoughts to a toad on a stone.

  • The mention of taking a woman for a spin and her putting her hand behind her own head like Karl Malone adds a visual element to the lyrics.

Flow and Delivery:

  • Danny Brown is known for his energetic and unconventional flow, and it comes through in these lyrics. The rhymes are delivered with a distinct cadence that contributes to his unique style.

  • The flow seamlessly transitions between introspective moments and more boastful lines, showcasing his versatility as a rapper.


  • Themes in these lyrics include resilience, self-confidence, success against the odds, and the struggles of the past.

  • There's a recurring motif of overcoming challenges, as seen in lines like "Long as I got the rent, you can't tell me shit" and "I'm totally fuckin' awesome."

  • Overall, these lyrics demonstrate Danny Brown's skillful wordplay, unique style, and his ability to touch on various themes while maintaining a cohesive narrative.


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