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Domo Genesis - Facade Records Review

The Odd Future old timer @domogenesis gave us a pleasant surprise when he released his latest EP titled “Facade Records”.

Facade Records is quite a departure in sound in comparison to Domos last album “Genesis” trading those chilled out, jazzy guitar licked beats for more of an old school hip hop vibe.

The first track Two Tone Durag is a strong opener where Domo flexes his almost newfound vocals, on the EP overall he sounds like such a much more confident rapper than projects before.

Domo Genesis keeps this up throughout the rest of the project. Trading his more laid back style of lyricism for a much more aggressive tone.

The second track Consecutive Normal Punches featuring Buddy, shows Domo playing around on a synth pad beat and Buddy’s feature comes in at the right time.

My favourite track on this is probably Power Trip ft Cozz. This is the strongest track on the record, rapping over a key instrumental that feels like a music box and the feature is so strong this track stands on its own.

Facade Records is a chilled out, statement of a return from Domo Genesis. Check this one out


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