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Erick The Architect Leukaemia / AM Meaning and Review

Leukaemia / AM Review

Erick The Architect Gets Candid in "Leukemia / AM": A Tale of Toxicity and Healing

Kimbra's soulful acapella intro to "Leukemia / AM" sets a haunting tone. Her raw vocals cry out with pain and loss, immediately hinting at a deeply troubled relationship.

Erick The Architect dives right into his verse with introspective regret and resentment. Airy production backs his weary delivery – it's like he's exhausted from it all. He paints a vivid picture of how a toxic partner drained his spirit ("beat me down...wouldn't let me sleep...") and undermined even his closest friendships. The comparison to leukaemia is potent, symbolizing how the relationship was slowly poisoning him.

Kimbras vocals echo the vulnerability throughout the track

Kimbra's chorus returns, filled with lingering ache and a plea for resolution. Her voice echoes with vulnerability, contrasting the sharper edges of Erick's verses.

The second verse is where the song turns. Now out of the toxic relationship, Erick opens up about finding a new kind of love. It's full of gratitude and genuine affection. He praises his new partner for her unwavering loyalty, warmth, and the sense of peace she brings. The change in the production reflects this newfound light: there's hope and a sense of lightness replacing the previous shadows.

Listen to Leukaemia / AM

Leukaemia / AM is about overcoming negativity so destructive it felt like an illness. Kimbra's vocals provide an emotional core, adding a sense of universal heartbreak that many can relate to. Erick The Architect's lyrics are brutally honest, and the switch from hardened pain to tender appreciation makes the song's message all the more powerful.

Erick The Architect Leukaemia / AM Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of Leukemia / AM is a deeply personal exploration of the lasting effects a toxic relationship can have on one's psyche. It captures the pain of betrayal and gaslighting, but also celebrates the power of healing and finding the strength to move forward.

The song follows a man wrestling with the aftermath of a damaging relationship, his partner's hurtful behavior likened to a life-sapping illness. However, he finds strength to break away and ultimately discovers a new love marked by genuine respect and support.

Leukaemia / AM Lyrics Themes

The destructive nature of toxic relationships: Erick lays bare the emotionally draining and manipulative behavior of his ex-partner She chipped away at his confidence ("beat me down"), undermined his support system ("tried to put a wedge between me and my closest friend"), and even blamed him for external events ("You said it was my fault because somebody stole my bike"). The comparison to "leukemia" starkly highlights how the relationship was slowly poisoning him from within.

Healing and finding new love: The song is a journey of recovery. Erick moves from a place of hurt and lingering resentment to the appreciation of a healthier, more supportive partner. He finds solace and genuine affection with someone who sees his worth and brings stability.

Personal growth and self-awareness: There's introspection beneath the surface. Erick looks back, questioning his past choices ("Why I'm feedin' her?"). He recognizes the value of his inner circle ("My momma ain't around but somehow I feel I'm hearin' her") and acknowledges the importance of finding someone who aligns with his greater goals and desires.

Leukaemia / AM Lyrics Symbolism

Kimbra's vocals: Her soulful delivery throughout underscores the lingering pain and longing for resolution after a difficult breakup.

"Blue bubbles": This likely refers to iMessage and hints at how the end of the relationship lingers even in the small, everyday details of modern communication.

"Leukemia": This powerful metaphor isn't just about physical illness, but the insidious way a toxic person can sap away one's joy and well-being.

Prayer: While potentially religious, prayer here evokes a plea for peace, healing, and understanding in the aftermath of emotional turmoil.

Erick The Architect Leukaemia / AM Featuring Kimbra Lyrics

[Intro: Kimbra]

So lost, now you're gone, my darling

Oh, my misery

We were so special, honey, don't forget about me

No, nothin' can save you

Not out in the sea

Guess that's where you goin'

Somewhere without me

[Verse 1: Erick the Architect]

I promised that I wouldn't stress about you

Feelin' better now, I learned to live without you

Can't believe it's been some months without your name in blue bubbles

Texts faded 'cause these old habits brought on new troubles

The projection was exhaustin', I was forced to find my fortune

Why I suffered many losses, think depression was accosted, I was skinnier

Lookin' back, I barely ate my share without me tearin' up

My momma ain't around, but somehow I feel I'm hearin' her

Tellin' me to distance from this girl, I grew to be with her

She ain't like my brother or my best friend, why I'm feedin' her?

When the money came in, I put dollars on a dream with her

She would beat me down, while any girl would wanna see me up

Cryin' on the phone with cuz, I can't believe she'd keep me up

Accused of me some shit I didn't do and that would eat me up

Know she date a legend, but she treat me like leukemia

I was down bad and now there's visions of me leavin' her

You said it was my fault because somebody stole my bike

You hated and the truth is there as much I did dislike

I'm fightin' intuition, bitchin' how I sleep at night

Assaulted my emotions, wasn't kosher or polite

You treat me like a dog and try to pigeon, hold my plight

Pillow-talkin', peace-offerings, put restrictions on my price

And I ain't mad, I got a million overnight

Now I'm back out on the market, shawty's talkin' to me nice

But I was never petty, girl, I'll never spill on beans

I'ma say, you can’t love, you let somebody intervene

What's the verdict?

Had to shake this residue 'cause my new girl, she don't deserve it

And I'll be ready if she really want the smoke again

Even tried to put a wedge between me and my closest friend

[Chorus: Kimbra]

I just freeze indeed

Did ya forget what you meant to me?

I will pray until my knees are sore, I'll be on the floor

I'll be prayin' for you (I'll be prayin')

So [?] your love [?]

And wipe the tears that fall from my eyes

No more feelin', lost, confused

I'll be prayin' for you, ooh-ooh, I'll be prayin' for you

[Verse 2: Erick the Architect]

This kinda shit don't really happen so I had to wrap it

Had to circle back on shawty, surely put this plan in action

I'm at the yard, I told my mans, this black girl, she had me tranced

Then a couple months later, we at Berries holdin' hands

You found me, ain't have to set no boundaries

My AM in the AM and every night you spent around me, it was chemistry

Shawty somethin' sweet just like this melody

Your smile complete, pullin' back them sheets, your kisses settled me

My last was in a spiral, wouldn't be here by a long shot

Made me a mimosa when my song dropped, off top

She better than my last and she don't smoke but got me gassed

A sense of humor like my brothers and ain't afraid to peak a laugh

And God brought you to me, prayed for such a loyalty

She walk with grace, every girl replaced would look disorderly

There's more to me than Coachella, played the stage, a go-getter

You the one that drove me there, your presence made me perform better

So intense with open hands, your family mine, won't go against

Overjoyed and she ain't have to drive me there on both weekends

Spicy food, there ain't much I'd like to do, outside of you

Give you space to concentrate on yoga moves

Chest big, fit physique, a Virgo like Beyoncé, sheesh

Showered at her crib, ain't have hot water for a couple weeks

Intelligent and not a bitch, my ride or die and I love her speech

Knew you were somebody special 'cause you been my common theme

She my jigsaw puzzle piece, she would bring me love and peace

She the one I'm waitin' for, I'm glad I am the one you meet (Glad I am the one you meet)

[Chorus: Kimbra]

I just freeze indeed

Did ya forget what you meant to me?

I will pray until my knees are sore, I'll be on the floor

I'll be prayin' for you (I'll be prayin')

So [?] your love [?]

And wipe the tears that fall from my eyes

No more feelin', lost, confused

I'll be prayin' for you, ooh-ooh, I'll be prayin' for—


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