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Fade Em All - I'm Not Kidding Review

Updated: May 1, 2023

The great punk band Fade Em All have come back with a banger of a new track. Self-defined as rebranding the punk genre for those who love it most. Trust me, that statement rings true when you hear what Fade Em All is about.

The latest track: I’m Not Kidding, is a proper homage to early punk and authentic punk music. Calling back from another age. How Fade Em All change things up though is where they need to be heralded the most. Their mixing of punk music with hip and rap is so fresh and really what this genre is missing.

The vocals on this track start off absolutely mad, high-energy rapping making a statement, paired with a great skate punk guitar riff. This song feels like it switches tempo so much and it’s great for keeping my millennial brain engaged. Honestly, the jagged rhythms are really doing something for me.

Honestly, if you’ve checked out any of their previous work then you’ll know that they’re experimental but always consistent on quality. For tracks that best express this you need to listen to the tracks Punk Tempo and Jargon.

It’s great to see this band back and creating music and I can’t wait to listen to their album Houston Riots on the 23rd of March

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