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GELD - Beyond The Floor

Melbourne psychedelic hardcore bruisers GELD have issued their debut LP 'Beyond the floor' and it is a DEBAUCHEROUS racket. ⁣

Across 12 songs that illicit something close to the feeling of peaking on an acid trip and then immediately being hit by a car, GELD somehow manages to sound expansive, yet raw and direct at the same time. Swaying between Stooges-esque swagger to blunt force akin to early Napalm Death, 'Beyond The Floor' barely let's up for a moment until the last quarter of the record, where you're momentarily blasted into space during 'Forces at Work' before crash landing back on earth with the albums most brute, muscular track 'L.O.W.A.G II'.⁣

Not for the faint hearted, this is DANGEROUS music for the unhinged. Be warned.⁣

Reviewed by the punk wizard @nolordshalllive


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