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H09909 - Cybercop Review & Poster

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I'm so happy to finally show this, part of #BurningFiends , which is a zine based off the aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077 by me and the goat @archfiendco

Let's face it Cyberpunk missed the mark in many areas. You can't even listen to the radio without Roman calling you up ever five minutes.⁣

CD Project Red messed up when they didn't put @ho99o9 in the game.⁣ ⁣

The punk rap group @ho99o9 have released a new EP "Cyber Cop" which I can only describe as a concept done proper.⁣

Right from the get you can tell just from the sound of this you're in for something good and something a bit different. With many glitched-out sounds and bit-crushing synths and then their normal hardcore instrumental tone over this just blends so perfectly. The concept behind the Cyber Cop seems to showcase fears around the Internet, even with songs being titled viruses. ⁣

Honestly, the iconography of the cover art and all other promotional material they have for this fits the sound. Ho99o9s staple sound of weird, high energy comes out as always on this. Complimented by the concept you can imagine this EP being played in a new Matrix movie or something.⁣

I love the track names on this as well. From Is It Safe To Internet, Delete My Browser History stand out most in line with the concept. And overall with songs like Punk Police and Mega City Nine fit into classic Ho99o9. Mega-City Nine has this weird dub rhythm that I love. Check out Ho99o9, they're one of the most interesting groups around right now.⁣


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