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Hellbent - Regret Again - Review

Hellbent are a 5 piece hailing from Maryland, Essex that embody the spirit of 2000s hardcore punk.

These guys released a 6 track EP last year titled "Regret Again" and I got sent this over in November last year and didn't get around to writing something up about it until now.

Kicking off this EP is the track 702 and it works well as an opener , this marching beat on the drums start playing with some really muddy doom sounding bass that builds a a nervous tension being followed by this sustaining guitar playing slow as the vocals start coming in.

This opener leaves an impression on you most when the breakdown comes in after the accompaniment build up to the lyrics "And will you live for yourself or someone else". Playing with feedback in this beatdown over everything else towards the end is executed perfectly.

Whom This May Concern reminds me more of bands such as Have Heart, giving me a vibe of songs off Scream At The Sun. pretty solid track solid riff and, I need to mention the drums have been a major part of this they sound proper metallic and raw which adds to their energetic punk tone.

My other favourites are the likes You Are The Bastard as I give them props for quoting the Touché Amore song Tilde which I thought was a sick reference, I thought they sounded like them on my first listen because of that but they sound more like Rollins Black Flag, and the title track Regret Again just feels so full as a record, you can tell they put a lot of time into this and it acts as an amazing Coda.

Some sick first impressions from @hellbentessexwhat can’t wait to hear what they have to bring next to the hardcore scene 🔥


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