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Higher Power - You Aint Much - Track Review

You Ain't Much is the last song from @higherpowerleeds 2017 record Soul Structure. Let me just brief Higher Powers sound for you so you know what to expect.

Higher Power is a hardcore band from the UK and their sound incorporates in my opinion the best of hardcore bands sounds. The vocals are some of the best in the game, doesn't go over the top and doesn't make it cringey. The riffs are hard and sustained and a deep dirty bass to accompany them. Damn.

You Ain't Much starts off with this clean picked opening that's been drowned in chorus before breaking down into this amazing heavy sustained riff. Both guitars, you can hear working wonders through this song complimenting each other well and you can distinctly hear them both aswell which makes for a nice change in hardcore music.

My favourite part of this song is the bridge, it just sounds like doom with these little vfx going off, and how the singer takes the song into a softer but darker realm before breaking down again and it's so sick. If you haven't checked out soul structure yet then do yourself a favour. 🔥

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