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J Cole 7 Minute Drill Meaning and Review Kendrick Lamar Diss Explained

Updated: Apr 8

J. Cole Delivers a Knockout Blow with "7 Minute Drill"

J. Cole's surprise album, Might Delete Later, delivered a knockout punch with its final track, "7 Minute Drill." The unrelenting lyrical assault serves as a scathing clap back to subtle disses aimed his way – most notably Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Family Ties."  Cole abandons all subtlety, unleashing raw lyrical prowess with ferocious energy, making it clear he won't shy away from defending his territory within the rap game.

Relentless Bars and Lyrical Prowess

The track's title itself is a statement. True to form, Cole raps non-stop for over seven minutes, showcasing his technical mastery with intricate rhyme schemes and a razor-sharp flow. There's no hook to break the momentum, adding to the track's intensity as Cole dissects Kendrick's discography, legacy, and position within hip-hop. It's a calculated dismantling laced with clever jabs and undeniable bravado.

A Calculated Response

While rap battles and diss tracks have a long history, Cole's approach on "7 Minute Drill" feels particularly potent. The pure, relentless bars speak to his confidence as an artist and his unwavering belief in his own skill. He's not just throwing insults; he's backing them up with undeniable talent for the world to see.

J Cole VS Kendrick A Mic Drop Moment

As the final song on Might Delete Later, "7 Minute Drill" leaves a lasting impression. It's a declaration that Cole isn't afraid to stir the pot, reigniting a spirit of competition within hip-hop.  The track leaves fans breathless and eagerly awaiting how the story unfolds, fueling anticipation for both the artists involved and the evolution of rap as a whole.

J Cole 7 Minute Dril Kendrick Lamar Diss Explained

Hip-hop fans were sent into a frenzy when J. Cole unleashed his surprise album Might Delete Later.  The album's potent final track, "7 Minute Drill," ignited a firestorm of controversy as it presented a blistering response to Kendrick Lamar's subtle shots on Baby Keem's "Family Ties". This came amidst heated discussions about the rap industry's "Big 3", especially following  Future and Metro Boomin's track "Like That" where Kendrick boldly took himself out of that equation. Cole's direct attack on Kendrick's legacy, work ethic, and relevance sent shockwaves through the rap world, raising questions about the state of their rivalry and the boundaries of healthy competition within hip-hop.

Listen To J Cole 7 Minute Drill


J Cole 7 Minute Drill Diss Interprations:

"i got a phone call that said somebody was dissing... he still doing shows, he fell off like the simpsons."

Cole acknowledges hearing about the diss (likely Kendrick's verse on "Family Ties").

The Simpsons jab is a multi-layered insult. It implies Kendrick is past his prime. Also, The Simpsons' quality has declined over the years, suggesting Cole feels a similar dropoff in Kendrick's music.

*"your first sh— was classic, your last sh— was tragic.. your 2nd sh— put —s to sleep but they gassed it, your 3rd sh— was massive and that was your prime, i was trailing right behind and i just now hit mine."

Here Cole critiques Kendrick's discography:

"First sh--" likely refers to good kid, m.A.A.d city

"Last sh--" might be Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

"2nd sh--" could be To Pimp a Butterfly – Cole suggests it was overhyped

"3rd sh--" probably is DAMN. which earned huge commercial success.

Cole argues he's reaching his peak while Kendrick is already past his.

"now i’m front of the line with a comfortable lead, how ironic, soon as i got it now he want somethin’ with me. boy, i got here off of bars, not no controversy."

Bragging about his current position in the rap game.

The "ironic" part suggests he thinks Kendrick is only interested in a rivalry now that Cole is on top.

Cole emphasizes his success is based on pure talent, not manufactured drama.

"he averaging one hard verse like every thirty months or somethin’, if he wasn’t dissing then we wouldn’t be discussing him."

A harsh claim about Kendrick's consistency and relevance.

Implies Kendrick relies on controversy and disses to generate buzz.


These quotes showcase just how direct J. Cole gets on "7 Minute Drill". He's attacking Kendrick's artistic output, his position in the rap world, and even the motivations behind Kendrick's actions.

J Cole 7 Minute Drill Lyrics Meaning 

The meaning of J. Cole's 7 Minute Drill"is multifaceted, extending far beyond a simple diss track. On one level,  it's a blistering response to perceived insults from Kendrick Lamar,  questioning his artistic integrity, status, and recent output.  Simultaneously, the song serves as Cole's passionate defense of his own legacy, emphasizing his lyrical prowess, work ethic, and commitment to authenticity. Beyond the feud itself, "7 Minute Drill" reveals a larger call for respect and raw talent within the rap industry, as well as a powerful glimpse into Cole's unwavering determination to dominate the scene.

Diss Track and Defense of Legacy

J. Cole uses "7 Minute Drill" as both a scathing diss track targeting Kendrick Lamar and a passionate defense of his own legacy. He attacks Kendrick's artistic output, claiming inconsistency, fading relevance, and overhyped critical acclaim.  Cole positions himself as the more skilled and consistent artist, asserting he's achieved his success through pure talent and not manufactured drama.

A Call for Authenticity

Embedded within the feud, Cole issues a broader call for authenticity within the rap game. He criticizes rappers who rely on gimmicks and fabricated personas rather than raw bars. He emphasizes his own grounded perspective, shaped by witnessing real-world violence, and the importance of living without a facade.

The Power of J. Cole

Throughout the track, Cole showcases both his lyrical prowess and intimidating potential. He uses vivid threats to warn that he's fully capable of crushing the competition.  He boasts about his superior work ethic and the ability to drop classic material at will. Essentially, he uses this diss war as a platform to assert his unchallenged dominance.

The Inner Conflict

Despite the bravado, Cole portrays an internal struggle. He professes his respect for Kendrick and hesitates engaging in the conflict, acknowledging the potential fallout. Yet, his fierce competitive nature shines through with the warning that he'll effortlessly win if pushed into a full-on battle of words.

The Aftermath

Cole ends on a double-edged note. He teases his highly anticipated album The Fall Off, leaving listeners to anticipate whether this heated exchange will escalate further or if it's merely a glimpse into the competitive tension that fuels some of rap's greatest artists.

J Cole 7 Minute Drill Lyrics 



Turn it up

Yeah, turn the vocal up



Light work like it's PWC

It's a cold world, keep the heat under your seat

I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissin'

You want some attention, it come with extensions

My dog like, "Say the word," he on bullshit, he itchin'

Done put in so much work in these streets, he got pension

I told him chill out, how I look havin' henchman?

If shots get to poppin', I'm the one doin' the clenchin'

[Verse 1]

I came up in the 'Ville, so I'm good when it's tension

He still doin' shows, but fell off like the Simpsons

Your first shit was classic, your last shit was tragic

Your second shit put niggas to sleep, but they gassed it

Your third shit was massive and that was your prime

I was trailin' right behind and I just now hit mine

Now I'm front of the line with a comfortable lead

How ironic, soon as I got it, now he want somethin' with me

Well, he caught me at the perfect time, jump up and see

Boy, I got here off of bars, not no controversy

Funny thing about it, bitch, I don't even want the prestige

Fuck the Grammys 'cause them crackers ain't never done nothin' for me, ho

Slugs took my nigga's soul, drugs took another one

The rap beef ain't realer than the shit I seen in Cumberland

He averagin' one hard verse like every thirty months or somethin'

If he wasn't dissin', then we wouldn't be discussin' him

Lord, don't make me have to smoke this nigga 'cause I fuck with him

But push come to shove, on this mic, I will humble him

I'm Nino with this thing, this that New Jack City meme

Yeah, I'm aimin' at G-Money, cryin' tears before I bust at him


Light work like it's PWC

It's a cold world, keep the heat under your seat

I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissin'

You want some attention, it come with extensions

My dog like, "Say the word," he on bullshit, he itchin'

Done put in so much work in these streets, he got pension

I told him chill out, how I look havin' henchman?

If shots get to poppin', I'm the one doin' the— (Conductor, conductor, conductor)

[Verse 2]

I got mixed feelings 'bout these fuckin' rap niggas

It's over for that cap, we official cap peelers

Two-six, we don't at niggas, we get at niggas

Shoot a nigga lights out, yeah, my dogs stat fillers

Stat stuffers, triple-double, get your ass black duffled

Body bag, body bag, body bag

Cole World your instructor for pilates class

Get a nigga stretched if I feel the disrespect, uh

Your arms might be too short to box with the god

Who live his life without the pressures of a constant facade

I pray for peace, but if a nigga cease these positive vibes

A Falcon 9 inside my pocket, bitch, this rocket gon' fly

Now it's poppin' outside like the top of July

My text flooded with the hunger for a toxic reply

I'm hesitant, I love my brother, but I'm not gonna lie

I'm powered up for real, that shit would feel like swattin' a fly

Four albums in twelve years, nigga, I can divide

Shit, if this is what you want, I'm indulgin' in violence

Put pictures in my home, aim the chrome at your eyelids

Fly pebbles at your dome, we the Stone Temple Pilots

This is merely a warning shot to back niggas down

Back in the town where they whippin' work and traffickin' pounds

My jack jumpin' 'bout a rapper makin' blasphemous sounds

Switchin' sides like the tassel on the cap and the gown

I'm fully loaded, nigga, I can drop two classics right now


Hah, let me chill out, man (Conductor)

The Fall Off on the way, nigga


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