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J Cole Huntin’ Wabbitz Meaning and Review 

Updated: Apr 8

J. Cole's Smooth but Sharp Delivery

J. Cole's style in Huntin' Wabbit" stands out with his mellow flow and relaxed delivery. While the vibe is laid-back, his rapping remains sharp as ever, packed with clever wordplay and punchlines. This juxtaposition creates an engaging contrast that adds a cool, confident edge to the track.

Playful Production with Nostalgic Vibes

The production of "Huntin' Wabbitz" further enhances its unique appeal.  The samples used create a playful and nostalgic atmosphere, while the mellow beat provides the perfect backdrop for Cole's verses. This combination gives the song a distinct character and makes it stand out from some of his other work.

Skits Add Humor and Personality

Finally, the inclusion of skits adds personality and humor to "Huntin' Wabbitz".  They offer a change of pace within the song and demonstrate a level of self-awareness that complements Cole's lyrical prowess.

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J Cole Huntin’ Wabbitz Lyrics Meaning 

J. Cole's "Huntin' Wabbitz" carries a deeper significance beyond its smooth delivery and clever wordplay.

Cole's Strive for Success and Assertiveness

In the lyrics, J. Cole expresses his relentless pursuit of success, refusing to settle for anything less than greatness. He emphasizes his determination to conquer obstacles and surpass expectations, likening himself to a hunter chasing after his prey. This metaphorical hunt represents Cole's ambition and drive in the competitive world of hip-hop. Additionally, his assertiveness shines through as he demands respect for his craft and refuses to be underestimated by his peers.

Reflection on Triumphs and Challenges

Moreover, "Huntin' Wabbitz" serves as a reflection on Cole's journey to success. He acknowledges the trials and tribulations he's faced along the way, including doubt and criticism from others. However, instead of succumbing to negativity, Cole uses these challenges as fuel to propel himself forward. Through his lyrics, he celebrates his triumphs and accomplishments, showcasing his resilience and determination to overcome any obstacles in his path.

Blending Nostalgia with Contemporary Themes

Furthermore, the song's production, with its playful samples and nostalgic vibes, adds depth to Cole's storytelling. The juxtaposition of vintage sounds with modern themes creates a rich sonic landscape that complements the lyrical content. This fusion of old and new highlights Cole's ability to bridge the gap between generations while staying true to his artistic vision.

A Message of Self-Reflection and Growth

Overall, "Huntin' Wabbitz" is more than just a catchy hip-hop track—it's a testament to J. Cole's journey of self-discovery and growth. Through his introspective lyrics and smooth delivery, Cole invites listeners to join him on a journey of exploration and self-reflection. Whether it's chasing dreams or overcoming adversity, the song serves as a reminder to never lose sight of one's goals and aspirations.

J Cole Huntin’ Wabbitz Lyrics 



Be very, very quiet

I'm huntin' wabbits

Goddamn (Uh)

[Verse 1]

Fuck runnin' in place, I'd never do that, my destination is runnin' the map

I'll run in your trap like, "Run me your work 'fore somebody get hurt," nigga, run or get clapped

I ain't cool with these dudes, I don't fuck with these dudes

I don't wanna show love, I don't wanna give dap

I just wanna kick back, take trips, make hits, make big chips, stack 'til they tall as Kristaps

Me and your squad is mismatch

Your calves ain't strong enough to follow his path

And you know the bitch bad if I brought the bitch back

Let the chick ride stick like I taught her witchcraft

Caught a whiplash when they saw the whip pass

They like, "Okay, I see you," bitch, how could you not?

I drove to CVS, copped a Plan B and I watched as she swallowed, bitch, I kid you not

Can't take no risk in this game, my money grew, but my ambition's the same

Talk to me proper, you lookin' like Q at the locker, I pop up how Bishop had came

What's up? Niggas gon' put some respect on my name

One way or another

I work the whole winter to take over summer

They late to the party 'cause they overslumbered

Don't hop on it now, nigga, stay over yonder

I'm on Rodeo, I'm bummy

I'm 'bout to get fly like my layover comin'

I promise I don't feel a day over twenty

They hatin' from some far away and it's funny

I'm clappin' at niggas like they owe me money

Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, click

Shit, now the clip lookin' like Chick-fil-A on a Sunday


He keeps killing us, father

He keeps taking and taking

I want to—

[Verse 2]

Pop in a new one and let off again

Always knew we was gon' get our revenge

Aim at whoever ain't dead, I will win

You thought 'cause I'm god of this rap shit that I'd just forget all the sins?

Oh, how you wish

He dope as a hundred and ten-hour binge

Everybody say that they start at the bottom

I don't care to doubt 'em, but this how it ends, nigga

Look at you, son

Look at what you've become

This how it ends

Never see no one get this high again

Globetrotter shit, bitch, that's just how I spin

Word to my palm, bitch, I'm too locked in

I hit 'em up, bitch, I'm 2Pac twin

Came up 'round sharks, so that's just how I swim

Came up 'round sharks, so that's just how I swim

(That's just how I swim)

This how it ends

Never see no one get this high again

Globetrotter shit, bitch, that's just how I spin

Word to my palm, bitch, I'm too locked in

I hit 'em up, bitch, I'm 2Pac twin

Came up 'round sharks, so that's just how I swim

Came up 'round sharks, so that's just how I swim


I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for what I've done


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