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J Mascsis Releases What We Do Now 

J Mascis, the legendary frontman of Dinosaur Jr., has unleashed his fifth solo album, "What Do We Do Now," on February 2nd, 2024. This release marks a sonic departure for Mascis, venturing into a more electric and band-driven sound compared to his previous acoustic-focused solo work.

Heavier Riffs, Familiar Vulnerability:

Departing from his gentler solo outings, "What Do We Do Now" pulsates with distorted riffs and driving rhythms, reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr.'s signature heavy rock. Tracks like "Can't Believe We're Here" and "Right Behind You" showcase Mascis's trademark soaring guitar leads and introspective vocals, delivering a satisfying blend of nostalgia and evolution.

Introspection Amidst Distortion:

Despite the heavier sonic approach, the album isn't devoid of vulnerability. Tracks like "What Do We Do Now" and "Time Is Cruel" reveal a melancholic undercurrent, emphasizing Mascis's ability to weave emotional depth into his songwriting. This introspective edge adds a unique dimension to the album, resonating with listeners seeking relatable lyrics amidst the guitar-fueled energy.

Listen to J Masics What We Do Now 


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