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Jeshi Ft Obongjayar - Protein Track Review

@jeshi__ proves once again that he is a force to be reckoned with in this space. This time teaming up with @obongjayar and coming hot off the heels of the release of other stand-out tracks such as Electric and 3210 which has recently been remixed by Ross From Friends.⁣

This time with Protein featuring Obongjayar brings a spacely type beat that starts off using a heavy bassy drum that drones in and then hits with Obongjayer using his signature high-pitched vocals which are great whenever you want to create a vibe. They always find a way of sounding hypnotic and especially behind that beat I talked about. Totally nails the vibe.⁣

Jeshi comes in on the verse after Obongjayar laid the chorus down and Jeshi seems remorseful in his lyrics with "Mum, I’m sorry, I just seen a ghost (Boo-boo, boo) | Life getting scary, dead body in these clothes | Mountains in my nose, watching fountains overflow | Watch them staring funny at me walking down the road. This lyrical content suggests that there's a drug-fuelled haze associated with his remorse which with "mountains in my nose" and the title of the track itself Protein is a bit tongue in cheek as Coke gets cut with protein powder... Among a plethora of dirty things.⁣

It's interesting to see how Jeshi and Obongjayar showcase this depressive mind state with hip-hop and r&b elements, and it feels cathartic coming from Jeshi. You need to 100% check this track out.⁣


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