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Joy Division - Walked In Line Review

@officialjoydivision used to bill themselves as Warsaw and planned an album release under RCA Records under the same name, that was until Joy Division heard the post-production work done and scrapped the deal and the record before releasing their proper debut EP “ An Ideal For Living” in 1978.⁣

In 1994 Joy Division finally released Warsaw with 14-15 year old songs on them that really reflect a different band to the one that comes into your head when you hear the name Joy Division. In this record there’s no sign of their signature post-punk sound, instead we hear gritty guitars, simple chord progressions, raw energy and a message, they were a punk band and one with a massive hate for nazism.⁣

Walked In Line carves this message effortlessly with the first verse “All dressed in uniforms so fine, They drank and killed to pass the time, Wearing the shame of all their crimes,With measured steps, they walked in line”, the iconography there is obvious.⁣

What I will say about these early records and on the track Walked In Line is that Curtis’ signature style of lethargy towards his signing shows on this, when I say that it’s not a criticism, it’s more just his style and the fact he took it from high energy punk to post-punk which yeah, does suit his sound is sick but it’s refreshing to hear the band in this light.⁣

Check out Joy Division's Warsaw record, it’s an interesting insight into music history. Definitely worth giving a listen.⁣


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