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Kicking - Crashed Review and Posters

Happy to finally be getting to review this band @kickingband . An absolute pleasure to listen to.⁣

Exploring a shoegaze/post punk sound Kicking have gone far beyond nailing the tone which ensures an intense atmosphere throughout.⁣

A clean shimmering guitar introduces us to Crashed which is then followed by one of the hardest sounding bass tones in a shoegaze setting. This blend is a pleasure to listen to, ambient but hard. Layered but not completely sound walling, letting everyone shine on this track.⁣

This track has this nice groove to it throughout, proper well structured and well written. This band has left a big impression on me and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Check out their album Modern Witch and follow them for more grunge, post punk, shoeagaze madness.⁣


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