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Kid Cudi Human Made Meaning and Review

Kid Cudi's "HUMAN MADE": A Confident Anthem with Blistering Energy

Kid Cudi ditches introspection in favor of a full-throttle blast of confidence on "HUMAN MADE." The track bursts at the seams with swagger. Pulsing synths, a relentless bassline, and Cudi's rapid-fire flow set an electrifying tone that carries from the first beat to the last.

Swagger and Self-Assurance

Cudi flexes hard in "HUMAN MADE". He flaunts his success, his independence, and an unwavering determination that will resonate with anyone channeling their inner boss. He revels in the lifestyle he's built while casually dismissing his haters. Human Made calls back to the classic Day N Nite in the lyrics "Just sit and wait 'til I free my mind".

Energizing Soundscape with Classic Cudi Moments

The production matches the lyrical intensity. Layered synths build a sense of unstoppable momentum, while the thumping bass hits like a sonic adrenaline rush. However, in classic Kid Cudi style, the track slows around the chorus, revealing a sliver of vulnerability within the bravado. This shift adds a layer of complexity to an otherwise adrenaline-fueled track.

A Track for Action

"HUMAN MADE" isn't a song for quiet contemplation; it's designed to fuel action. Whether you're hyping yourself up for a workout, a big presentation, or just tackling the day, this track packs the punch to lift your mood and push you a bit harder.

Cudi's Transformation

This track signals an intriguing new direction for Kid Cudi. While fans of his more introspective work might be surprised, "HUMAN MADE" demonstrates the artist's versatility and willingness to keep his sound evolving.

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Kid Cudi Human Made Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of "HUMAN MADE" by Kid Cudi is a complex tapestry of confidence, vulnerability, and the contradictions that often accompany success.

Verse 1: Bravado and Living Life on His Terms

Cudi kicks off the track in full-throttle confidence mode. He's living the good life, surrounded by friends, and brushing off haters who can't stop his momentum. There's also a hint of recklessness ("Pupils dilated, I'm throwed") woven into the celebration of his success and freedom.

Chorus: A Moment of Vulnerability and Seeking Solace

The chorus marks a tonal shift. Cudi slows down and reveals a more vulnerable side. He's seeking solace, praying to something greater as he grapples with emotional pain ("heart has been sore"). There's an internal struggle to "free his mind" and a desire for escape or transcendence ("takin' off").

Verse 2: Contradictions Between Success and Loneliness

Cudi continues to grapple with personal struggles. He desires connection ("Hopin' my girl pullin' up") but simultaneously asserts independence and bravado. He flaunts his success yet hints at the pressures that come with it ("Soarin' up the heater, they in trouble 'til the team ride"). The closing lines of the outro further reflect this internal conflict between feeling alone and pushing forward with confidence ("Time I'm spendin' on my own... See I rocket to the moon").

Overall Themes

Swagger and Bravado: A large portion of the song focuses on Cudi's success, his unique style, and his disregard for critics. It's a flex, a declaration of triumph even in the face of those who doubt him.

Vulnerability and Pain: Beneath the hard exterior, Cudi exposes emotional rawness. The chorus, in particular, reveals a deep desire for release and healing from past hurt.

Contradictions: The song is full of contrasts. Cudi celebrates connection but also champions his solo path. He boasts of his fame while hinting at the pressures and loneliness that come with it.

Human Made Possible Interpretation

"HUMAN MADE" seems to capture a moment in Cudi's life where he's achieved external success, but is wrestling with internal demons and seeking something more fulfilling. He oscillates between showcasing the rewards of his journey and confessing the emotional turmoil that persists beneath the surface. The song might reflect the artist's attempt to reconcile these two sides of his experience.

Kid Cudi Human Made Lyrics


Captain INSANO shows no mercy

Dot Da Genius, baby

Hot, hot, hot (Realer)

[Verse 1]

What now, nigga, so rolled

Fresh shit, watch this Cleveland representer (Yeah)

Pupils dilated, I'm throwed

I'm surfin' on these fuck niggas, even in the winter

Walk on my path, a true glow (Yeah)

Ain't nobody with some freaks, no clothes (Woo)

And we all laugh, too stoned

We're skippin' the evil or get 'em burnin', woah

Did it 'cause he had my haters, oh, that's not bad (Uh)

Couldn't stop him, motherfucker, I'm in my bag

Smokin' my pack, I'm runnin' back, like my Dad had

Hey, mom, young boy, livin' up the drеam

Walk with me, or get it, get it, wе ball

Tell 'em what we do, I'm swishin' in the net

Yeah, hope one of us savin' by the neck

Finna tap that, peel it back, lit up, did the mat

Call me Silly Willy off the map

Show 'em with the two-tone flip, jumpin' on the back

And the chips on my shoulder just stats

Never send the proof, I ain't burryin', nigga, leave it on the meds

Could show up to the spot, I'm in the coupe

On with the roof, hop out a wave, it's the truth

I was young since they told me what to do

Screamin' "Fuck you", ooh-ooh, I've been threwn for a loop

Uh, no, can't stop, here's the proof

Be comin' through withdrawals, and a nigga stay hot, here's the news

Rap with some rose in my tooth

Your girl wanna look at me (Ooh), can't tell I'm in the new


Pray to the stars up high, pourin' my soul

Just sit and wait 'til I free my mind, heart has been sore

Guess tonight's just me, nobody, heaven in store

Guess tonight's takin' up my body, other world, and we takin' off

I just pray to the stars up high, pourin' my soul

Just sit and wait 'til I free my mind, heart has been sore, yeah

Guess today's just me, nobody, heaven in store, yeah

And we takin' off, fantasy show


Oh-ooh-oh, ooh-oh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh

Oh-oh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh (Yeah), ooh

[Verse 2]

Searchin' for the life, 'til we discover we feel alive (Ah)

Put an n-word nigga for the love

Send around a text, tell 'em baby on my mind

Hopin' my girl pullin' up

My freak, livin' up my dreams in the lobby

Had the men drippin' off the buzz

We free, couldn't be the carpet to you lies

If you need it, motherfucker, here's a hug

Now I'm soarin' to the sky, baby girl, take your photos (Yeah)

Never seen a brother quite like me though

Soarin' up the heater, they in troubles 'til the team ride (Yeah)

Playin' the game on the window

Never been the same, since I pull up in the game, huh

Nigga see the realer and they know

What they say 'bout me now, couldn't care less, for sure


Oh-ooh-oh, ooh-oh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh

Time I'm spendin' on my own, yeah

Days are short and nights are long, yeah

Somethin' 'bout these evening's got me low, yeah (Yeah)

Say I'm in my zone, yeah (Yeah)

See I rocket to the moon, smokin' strong

That is all, yeah, baby, that is all


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