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Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts Review

What did you think of Kids See Ghosts?

Are you excited for Yahndi?

Kids See Ghosts is the collaborative album from the duo of @KidCudi and @Kanyewest that was part of the GOOD Music labels summer 2018 drops. Kids See Ghosts stands out, it's cathartic, thought-provoking and a look inside the minds of these two polarising creative minds.

Featuring a cover orchestrated by Takashi Murakami, which is a watercolour explosion of traditional Japanese art which fits the album like a glove.

At only 7 tracks long following suit of the GOOD music drops from this summer Kids See Ghosts is an instant classic therapy session for this masterclass duo.

IMO this record outshines Ye's previous album from his set of drops. Straight from the first track "Feel The Love" which features Pusha T and this sets up the tone of this project.

As Kanye insanity ensues. Like a well-presented version of his troll song "poopity scoop". Other standouts on this album I'd have to say go to 4th Dimension, It's a weird trip, Ye samples an old song from Louis Prima "What Will Santa Say" which is a song from 1936. Mad. "Reborn" is another highlight I have to talk about, The Man On The Moon (Kid Cudi's Album) type beat we get here creates so much nostalgia, plus brings back Cudi'sfeel good vibes from that album "I'm moving forward, keep moving forward".

You definitely need to check out Free which is a follow up to Ghost Town Part 1 on Kanye's album Ye, which is starkly different to part one and Cudi Montage which is the coda of the album.

Behind the scenes/Move on


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