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Kombat Sports - Slave Machine / Whole Lotta Hate Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I don't know about you, but to me, riotous, bruising punk rock has felt like the perfect ailment for this tortuous shit show of a year. Global capitalism continues to burrow itself deeper into the woodwork whilst thousands are left to die and you aren't even afforded the luxury of drowning your sorrows down the pub. Luckily, @kombatsportshc have just dropped the perfect soundtrack to head butting yourself to death against the wall in your flat. All the sneer and snark of classic British punk with the muscle of the greats of US hardcore.⁣⁣


The thrill of Sweden with the grime of Japan, in two short tracks there really is something for anyone who ever donned a leather jacket and spat at a government official. Dare I say it's a good job these guys chose to release whilst we're still in lockdown, cause this shit makes me want do crimes. Get your tape while they still got em, play that shit on loud and hope your landlord doesn't charge you for damages to their property.⁣⁣

Review written by the best punk/metal writer out there @nolordshalllive ⁣⁣

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