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Little Simz - Therapy Review

@littlesimz is a completely new artist to me, I hadn’t heard her until hearing her track Venom on Colours. After that I checked out her album Grey Area and was blown away. It shows vulnerability but also fearlessness.

The track “Therapy” encapsulates these themes on top of a very bassy beat, peaking your interest as it’s brought in by an isolated drum sample. The song is reflective in nature where she talks about being overwhelmed “My system on overload but money is on the phone” and talks about an argument that may be pushing her to the edge “Drama with my nigga and he ain't strikin' the proper tone, I say, "Who you think you are?" Hung up, picked up the keys, then drove to the bar” then going on about how she doesn’t think therapy is worth her time “Seein' people's true colors and the fakers fadin' at last, I don't even know why I invest in the time comin' to therapy” suggesting that she can see those around changing and she is figuring out things for herself.

Little Simz is a sick artist and deserves all the praise and attention she gets. If you’ve not checked her out yet then I recommend doing so! 🔥🔥🔥


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