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Mac Miller Tribute | Rest In Peace

I fell into a deep @MacMiller rabbit hole and felt compelled to write this post. In life, you sadly realize that more and more of your favourite artists die. It started with Lemmy Killmister in 2015 and Prodigy in 2017. Mac Miller is no exception.

With classic albums like “Watching movies”, “Macadellic” and “Faces” it was hard not to have a soft spot for the Pittsburgh rapper. I remember summer holidays driving round in my mate's car imitating lyrics like “Blue suede shoes stay crispy like bacon” and “You at the mall getting dinner at the food court I'm at LA eating 22 course” from Nikes on my feet. Kool Aid & frozen pizza was a favourite too, I was blown away by the video nevermind the actual tune, I just loved what this guy was doing.

As Mac continued his carer and grew up he gave us “GO:OD” and “Swimming” and showed us he was far more than just a college kid rapping about weed and eating at Blue Side Park. He began rapping about his problems with fame and how he’d use drugs as an escape. This was hard to hear as a fan. Even though the songs were still amazing with his it was apparent he seemed to be struggling. There really needs to be more focus on the mental health effects of fame and methods of coping.

I will continue to Listen to his music. Thank you Mac Miller for giving us some amazing music. R.I.P Mac


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