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Mf Doom / King Geedorah Aint Matter Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 22

Little MF DOOM Collab with the homie @slackerslounge

MF DOOM's Hidden Gem: "Take Me To Your Leader"

MF DOOM, the enigmatic figure known for his intricate lyricism and innovative production, unveils one of his hidden gems under the alias King Geedorah in the album "Take Me To Your Leader."

This project, released amidst his collaboration with the underground supergroup Monsta Island Czars, showcases DOOM's versatility and creative prowess.

"Anti Matter": A Masterpiece

"Anti Matter" stands out as a pinnacle of this album, resonating deeply with aficionados of DOOM's work. The Metal Fingered Villain demonstrates his masterful understanding of production, crafting an instrumental masterpiece that transcends mere auditory stimulation. Opening with a mesmerizing blend of a droning bassline and an oriental guitar lick, the track exudes a cinematic aura reminiscent of wandering through the scenes of a samurai epic. Yet, despite its immersive quality, "Anti Matter" also serves as an ideal backdrop for moments of relaxation, thanks to DOOM and the guest feature, Mr. Fantastik, who deliver impeccable rhymes with precision.

Lyrical and Production Harmony

Mr. Fantastik's introduction sets the stage for a dynamic interplay between him and DOOM, establishing a captivating call-and-response dynamic that elevates the track's complexity. Particularly noteworthy is DOOM's utilization of the beat to accentuate his lyrics, as exemplified by the sequence: "Warfare in your ear CLAK CLAK CLAK CLAK CLAK | What's that you're hearing things TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT | Be wearing your thinking hat." Here, DOOM seamlessly integrates with the rhythm, showcasing his lyrical dexterity while allowing the beat to amplify the impact of his words—an ingenious maneuver that captivates listeners.

An Invitation to Experience "Anti Matter"

For those yet to experience the sonic journey of "Anti Matter," I implore you to seize the opportunity. Delve into the depths of DOOM's artistry and immerse yourself in this transcendent piece of musical mastery. Whether you seek introspection or simply crave sonic stimulation, "Anti Matter" promises an enriching experience that resonates long after the final note fades.

Listen to King Geedorah Anti Matter by MF Doom 

King Geedorah Anti Matter Lyrics Meaning

"Anti-Matter" by MF DOOM, featuring Mr. Fantastik, offers a multifaceted exploration of themes ranging from resilience in the face of adversity to the dynamics of urban life. The song's verses weave intricate narratives, portraying a blend of personal triumphs and societal observations.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

At its core, "Anti-Matter" delves into the resilience of individuals amidst challenges. Lines like "Feds try to creep me, somehow always miss me" and "Niggas wanna rob me now, bitches wanna slob me now" underscore the protagonist's ability to navigate through threats and obstacles, emerging unscathed. This resilience is further emphasized by the assertive tone and confident demeanor displayed by both Mr. Fantastik and MF DOOM throughout the track.

The Complexities of Urban Life

Moreover, the song offers insights into the complexities of urban life, touching upon themes of materialism, social dynamics, and survival. References to luxury cars, neighborhood reputations, and financial success ("My Mercedes outside, nigga, where yours at?") juxtapose with reflections on past struggles and the fickleness of societal acclaim ("Hoes didn't holler last year feel sorry now"). Such juxtapositions serve to paint a nuanced portrait of the urban experience, highlighting the juxtaposition between aspiration and disillusionment.

A Rallying Cry Against Opposition

The chorus, delivered with conviction by MF DOOM and Mr. Fantastik, serves as a rallying cry against external opposition. Lines like "No matter how hard they try, they can't stop us now" underscore the protagonists' defiance in the face of adversity, bolstered by the confidence instilled by their collaboration with the esteemed producer King Geedorah.

Lyrical Virtuosity and Symbolism

Furthermore, the song's intricate wordplay and lyrical acrobatics elevate its thematic depth. MF DOOM's signature style of blending esoteric references with streetwise vernacular creates a rich tapestry of meaning, inviting listeners to decipher layers of symbolism and metaphor.

Overall, "Anti-Matter" stands as a testament to MF DOOM's storytelling prowess and musical innovation. Through its exploration of resilience, urban life, and lyrical virtuosity, the song resonates with audiences as both a sonic masterpiece and a thought-provoking narrative.

King Geedorah Anti Matter Lyrics 

[Intro: Mr. Fantastik]

From Venus to Mars, back to Earth

Back to the HBO satellite

It's showtime, nigga

King Geedorah on the boards (King Geedorah), MF DOOM

And I am Mister Fantastik

[Verse 1: Mr. Fantastik & MF DOOM]

Expeditiously, I be on my grizzly

Feds try to creep me, somehow always miss me

Mr. Fantastik put the busy in the bee

Rock from the bottom straight to the tizzy

Who is he? He need to get out more

Or either get out of here like some dang outlaw

Standing like Lurch, no herb in the record bin

Called him for a random search for curbside checkin' in

It's on, nigga, on and cracking

Like Dig'em, lips be smacking

Running off at the mouth steady talkin' 'bout us

On some shit they overheard, but enough is enough

Yeah, it's neither here nor there, black

Warfare in your ear, clack-clack-clack-clack-clack

What's that? You hearing things, tat-tat-tat-tat-tat

Be wearing your thinking hat

[Chorus: MF DOOM & Mr. Fantastik]

No matter how hard they try, they can't stop us now

We got King Geedorah on the boards with that golden sound

Are you serious?

Of course

They don't know how we get down when we're out of town

Deadly serious

King Geedorah

So when you see us in the streets, don't be fuckin' around


[Verse 2: Mr. Fantastik & MF DOOM]

A hundred things on the re-up, of course I'm living fat

My Mercedes outside, nigga, where yours at?

Top down on a good day, Decatur, out on Wood Way

Got cats thinking, "Should I stay? Fuck what the hood say"

Niggas wanna rob me now, bitches wanna slob me now

Hoes didn't holler last year feel sorry now

Practice jumpshots, Reggie Mill', Robert Horry now

The nigga that you with played like Atari now

Lyrically unorthodox, I flow continuous

Never on a straight path, I'm known to bend and twist

Put it down from the suburbs to the tenement

You betting 'gainst me, but wanna wonder where your money went

I get the cash, take niggas out like trash

Known to stack a mean stash, they used to call me Pure Math

Back in the days, all I did was stay paid

But as they say in the South, bitch, "Give me some head"

Excuse me, Mister, do she got a sister?

Who he not to kiss her? True, she do got a blister

Now the movie plot twists like a Twizzler

If I needed my meat burnt, I'd go to Sizzler

Getting paid like a biker with the best crank

Spray it like a high-ranked sniper in the West Bank

Type to just blank and don't show much pity

When I'm in the city, I always keep a Dutch with me

Touch her titty 'til she ask me where the trees is at

Or tell me, "Don't squeeze that," rats, wanna tease a cat

Let the dog beg, wait up, who talking?

DOOM with the hog leg, straight up New Yorkin'

[Chorus: MF DOOM & Mr. Fantastik]

No matter how hard they try, they can't stop us now

That's correct

We got King Geedorah on the boards with that golden sound

King Geedorah

They don't know how we get down when we're out of town

I just can't stand the guy

So when you see us in the streets—

MF DOOMs Aliases Explained

MF DOOM (real name Daniel Dumile) is a rapper and producer who gained a reputation as a master of intricate wordplay and storytelling. Over the course of his career, he adopted various aliases, monikers, and personalities that helped him explore different themes and styles in his music. Here are some of his most famous aliases:


This is probably the most well-known alias of Daniel Dumile. It stands for "Metal Face Doom" or "Metal Fingers Doom." The name is a reference to the Marvel Comics character Doctor Doom, and also to the metal mask that DOOM often wore in public appearances. As MF DOOM, Dumile was known for his complex rhyme schemes, witty wordplay, and innovative production techniques.

King Geedorah:

This alias was inspired by the character King Ghidorah, a three-headed dragon from the Godzilla movies. King Geedorah was a space monster who came to Earth to conquer it, and DOOM used this persona to explore themes of science fiction, extraterrestrial life, and conspiracy theories. The King Geedorah album "Take Me to Your Leader" is considered a classic of underground hip-hop.

Viktor Vaughn:

Viktor Vaughn is another alias of DOOM's that he used to explore different aspects of his personality. The name comes from the character Victor Von Doom (aka Doctor Doom) and the character Vaughn Bode, a comic book artist who inspired DOOM's style. As Viktor Vaughn, DOOM was more focused on personal experiences and introspection, and his music often had a more lo-fi, experimental sound.


Madvillain is a collaboration between DOOM and producer Madlib. The name is a combination of "Mad" (referring to Madlib) and "villain" (referring to DOOM). The Madvillain album is considered a classic of underground hip-hop, and features DOOM's signature intricate rhymes over Madlib's jazzy, sample-based beats.

Zev Love X:

This was DOOM's first stage name, when he was part of the rap group KMD in the 1990s. The name was inspired by the X-Men character Professor X and the acronym "ZLX," which stood for "Zev Love Xtra." As Zev Love X, DOOM's music was more playful and lighthearted, with a focus on social commentary and humor.

Each of these aliases, monikers, and personalities allowed DOOM to explore different aspects of his artistry and express himself in different ways. While they all shared his trademark wit and intelligence, they each had their own unique flavor and style.


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