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Night Sins - Violet Age Review + Notes

Lost In Transmission : Night Sins - Violet Age

Genre: Synthwave/Darkwave

: Quick Notes :

  • Night Sins follow up on their 2019 release Portrait In Silver with this new track Violet Age which is immense. Kyle Kimball brings some fresh airy vocals which bring the track in before we hear a distorted driving synth that follows throughout the track.

  • The track then follows this synth heavy nature to give us something much more accessible in terms of it sounding very much like a dance song in the vein of New Order. This thought only gets bigger when the bass line comes in, following a tone that is like Peter Hooks iconic sound.

  • Violet Age has proven that Night Sins with their respective projects Nothing & Total Rubbish are still beyond capable of creating amazing, dark but yet very dance-focused tracks like this. If you need something that’s absolutely atmospheric and will get you to move then you really need to do yourself a favour and get this in your playlist.

  • If you haven't checked out any of the Night Sins discography then I can't recommend enough to listen to Portrait In Silver, Dancing Chrome or To London Or The Lake.

Listen to Violet Age by Night Sins


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