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Noah x Youth Of Today Capsule Collection

I’m late talking about this but I feel I still need to. This capsule collection was so sick for placing hardcore into the mainstream. I always love watching the ideals and energy from bands such as Youth Of Today taking over.

Noah and legendary hardcore band Youth Of Today released a small collection that really brought the bands legacy and discography to life. With pieces inspired by their 1988 album “Can’t Close My Eyes” and with their logo and message of sobriety, which shows a raised fist with an X on it. Showcases the bands straight edge stance, which was a prevalent feature with hardcore bands from around this era. The collection showed some sick hoodies and tees which I wish I copped!

Take a look at the collection above!, what do you think of brands and bands collaborating? I’m down for seeing it more often! Restock of this collection please?


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