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Nothing - The Great Dismal + Say Less Review

@bandofnothing just released their latest album The Great Dismal which is set to release on October 30th and with that they also released their latest track Say Less.⁣

This song gasses me up for the latest album, Nothing have been stepping it up on every album recently and mate, with the way those drums sounded at the start I didn’t know what was coming up, normally in a shoegaze mix you get a lot of soundwalling and can’t usually pick out the different dynamics but everything comes out so clear yet that airy atmosphere is still there and the vocals proper sound sick you know. Everyone get’s a chance to shine on this track from bass solos, guitar solos, sick drum fills and more, it makes for such a sick first single.⁣

Here’s the tracklist to The Great Dismal:⁣

1. A Fabricated Life⁣

2. Say less⁣

3. April Ha Ha⁣

4. Catch a Fade⁣

5. Famine Asylum⁣

6. Bernie Sanders⁣

7. In Blueberry⁣

8. Memories⁣

9. Blue Mecca⁣

10. Just a Story⁣

11. Ask The Rust⁣

If you don’t know Nothing then you should catch up, they have been setting the bar for shoegaze records since the came to be in 2010. According to their website it’s “exploring themes of isolation, extinction and human behaviour in the face of 2020s vast wasteland”.⁣

This is fire get it checked out.⁣


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